How to Get Your Baby to Stop Crying for Pictures

Tips and Tricks for Photographing a Fussy Newborn

Whether you're a new mom or a budding newborn photographer, you're probably wondering how on earth you take good photos without the baby fussing the whole time. This is a good question! Newborns are tiny unpredictable subjects, but with these tips, you can gain a lot more control over the situation.

  1. Hunger: Has the baby been fed recently? If not, you might notice he or she is rooting (turning the head towards anything that touches the cheek,) or opening the mouth repeatedly. If the baby has been recently fed, he or she may be uncomfortable and need to be held upright and burped. 

  2. Swaddle: I almost always start by swaddling the baby. This way, you can get some guaranteed happy shots and proceed to slowly un-swaddle parts of the baby for pictures of arms, toes, etc. 

  3. Sway/Shhh: Sometimes you'll have a fussy baby and its hard to identify why. If you've fed and swaddled him/her, try carefully swaying and shhhh-ing into the baby's ear. Do this loudly and it should work like a charm! Rumor has it, shhh-ing reminds them of the sounds in the womb.

  4. Temperature: If you're trying to get sleeping shots, make sure the space is warm! Sometimes I bring a little space heater to my shoots, this is a great tool as the white noise also calms the baby.

Hope these pointers helped! Have some tips and tricks of your own? Answer in comments!

Rainy Seattle Session at Gasworks Park

It started pouring about 5 minutes before this session started. And do you want to know the coolest part? These two didn't even notice. Two-year-old Rhys put on his rain boots and every rain puddle he walked past was better than the last. We had the park to ourselves and spent most of the photoshoot chasing geese, throwing leaves, jumping in puddles, and soaking up the incredibly beautiful bond that this Mother and son have for one another. Rain or shine, I'm so thankful for sessions like this one. 

A Little Reminder

A message to all the Moms and Dads: during our photo session, try not to just stand behind me and beg your kiddos to “smile normally.” Interact with them! Dance with them! Maybe even sing they’re favorite song. Not only will you have more fun, but you will build memories that the little ones will cherish for ages. ❤️ 


Fritz + Family: 6 month Session

I met this family when their baby was first born and let me tell you - this little guy landed into a pretty amazing crew. This was our 6 month session and due to rainy weather, we decided stayed indoors for most of it. I had so much fun capturing some of their day-to-day activities, (and making sure their dog Bodie didn't take up all the attention.)  I'm still wondering how I got so lucky as to watch the the four of them grow together! 

Sergeja + Kevin: Family session

I met Sergeja several months ago while she was on a business trip in Seattle and needed someone to watch her 16-month-old son. We immediately clicked but knew our relationship would be short-lived as she headed back to her Bay Area home 2 days later. When I mentioned I'd be traveling to California in February, she asked if we could set up a family shoot!

We met at Tilden Park and had such a fun time together. This little boy is in such awe of the world around him. He fed the animals, crawled on lots of stumps, and was smothered in kisses from his mom and dad! What more could I ask for?

The world works in such strange ways, and I can only hope that someday our paths will cross again.