Family Lifestyle Session | Discovery Park | Seattle, WA


It’s hard to put into words how magical this shoot was and how special this family is to me. Here’s an excerpt from Shauna’s thoughts on our session. I love reading it because it gives you a more personal experience with these images. My lifestyle sessions are not about smiling for the camera, they’re about making memories with the ones you love most…I’ll be somewhere nearby capturing those sweet moments..

“Right before this, there was a hailstorm... I didn’t know if I was gonna get rained on the whole shoot or not but the rain stopped & the sun came out. I was exhausted// it had been a long stressful month and I didn’t feel much like smiling so I was a little less sharp & a lot more hazy than I would like to be. But having this hour on the beach with my family was good timing... the temperature was just right/& the wind blowing / the sun breaking. The boys played around in the driftwood where Owen hid in a log house (and crapped his pants 💩) Dane took him back to the car to get cleaned him up//earning him quite a few husband points/and so I got a break & felt like a queen getting pictures with Evan & then the rest of my guys 😂👸🏼. My attention was on being with them & this beautiful park which has been a favorite for so long. I was too tired to worry about how I looked & too swept up by the fresh air to remember to care. I felt a rising sensation in my chest+mind/weightlessness I had not felt for some time...I guess it was joy/and that is what I will remember from the photos. Thanks, Catie Bergman for capturing my heart ❤️ @ Seattle's Discovery Park “ -Shauna

Planning the Location for Your Fall Family Photography Session | Seattle, WA


Are you one of those people that counts down the days until October? You live for the moment when the colors begin to turn, the air smells crisp, the leaves are extra crunchy, and that adorable blue knitted outfit you got last winter is finally acceptable to wear again! (see above.)

Or maybe you are that someone who loves to plan ahead - you’re dying to get your Christmas card photos done before the craziness ensues. ( I don’t blame you!) Either way, now is the perfect time to start planning you fall family photo session! Below are a few of my favorite autumn locations in the Seattle area. But these are just the beginning! If you are ready to start planning are shoot together, get in touch here.

Washington Park Arboretum UW Botanic Gardens

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Your Backyard


North Seattle College



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Emma & Josh, Mt. Rainier Forest Wedding

This sweet wedding was nestled in a forest right at the base of Mt. Rainier, at an amazing venue called Wellspring Spa. I’m still swooning over all the beautiful details, musicians, and outdoor spaces that made this wedding so tranquil and unique. I had so much fun getting to shoot alongside Loewyn of Pale Quail Photography Scroll to the bottom to see the best wedding desert I’ve ever seen.

above the mountains


A few months ago, I spontaneously texted Dan with the question “Do you have any interest in a helicopter flight?” and promptly received the response “Uhhhh..perhaps, wait, Catie— whats going on? He’s a tad bit afraid of heights, and never really knows what my occasional vague and sporadic texts mean. But I figured I could work with that response, and within 24 hours we had booked a flight over the North Cascades.


I’m applying for a project that would really help to have some aerial mountain photography, so not only did this sound like a super cool opportunity, but a great way to build my portfolio. We booked the flight with Snow King Aviation for an evening at the end of March, and the whole week leading up, weather looked great. Not a cloud in the forecast. But the PNW often as different plans, and come 5pm on March 28th, a massive storm was forming right over the North Cascades. Our pilot seemed nervous, but had hope that it could clear enough for us to go out a few hours later instead. “Is that okay with you?” he asked. Little did he know that I was freaking out inside. Sunset shoots are my jam. I squealed yes, and for the next hour or so, we watched the storm move, crossing our fingers it would allow us to fly out safely. (Spoiler: it did, and the following hour was one of the coolest of my life.) Our pilot was fantastic, and knew exactly how to navigate through the storm without hitting much turbulence. The combination of colors was like nothing I’d ever seen before, and seeing some of my favorite mountains from above was truly mind blowing. Eight weeks later and my jaw is still sore from smiling.


Moral of the story: combine, a sunset, a storm, and the flight over the North Cascades, and you have one of the most surreal ways of seeing the Pacific Northwest.

adventure engagement session | rattlesnake ledge

Rattlesnake Ledge | Engagement Hike


Where do I even begin with these two? Vanessa and Nick hired my photograph buddy, Amy, and I to shoot their wedding on Vashon Island this summer. When we threw in some options for the engagement shoot, they both grinned at the idea of a hiking destination location (much to our delight!) We chose to do Rattlesnake Ledge on a warm May evening, and planned to arrive at the top with just enough time for sunset. Since the trailhead is only an hour away from Seattle, Rattlesnake Ledge is one of the most popular hiking trails in the Pacific Northwest. It’s typically packed at the top, and even those who aren’t afraid of heights get a little nervous about number of selfie sticks and crowded edges. We had a fantastic time chatting on the hike up, and lucky for us, the peak was nearly empty when we arrived. The biggest challenge was remembering how to tie a bowtie! Vanessa and Nick fell naturally into each others arms from the first moment onward, and we took photos until the sun went down. This pair is truly something else. Their sense of humor and level of comfort and respect towards one another left me feeling so inspired. I can’t wait photograph them again in August!

Arizona in the Spring


Two of my best friends from college and I took a weekend trip to Arizona last month- and we had an absolute blast! We spent every waking hour outside, trying to make up for all the sun we had been missing in seattle. If we weren’t swimming or hiking, and failing at putt putt, we were hanging around and being total goofballs together. My abs hurt from laughing all weekend, and I’m glad we gave justice to the goofy pre-teens we are at heart. Thanks to the Scherer fam for hosting us!

Mother & Daughter Session


This was my first time shooting a Mother & Daughter session, and I was so moved by it that I hope to incorporate many more into my business. I am not yet a mom, but as family photographer, and a daughter myself, and I’m starting to realize how fleeting being a mother must feel. A few years back, my mom told me a story that will stick with me for a long time.

When I graduated college, I moved back to Texas and lived at home for a few months before making the decision to move to Seattle. My parents were really supportive of my decision, but they couldn’t hide the bittersweetness of the transition. After dropping me off at the airport for my one-way-flight to Washington, my mom came home to have a glass of wine on the front porch. Like many moms, she was struggling at the thought of one of her children moving across the country, and the idea that we probably we would never live together again. A few minutes in, another neighbor came over to sit down with her, also seeming a bit distraught. “How are you?” my mom asked. The neighbor teared up a bit, saying she had just dropped her daughter off at her first day Kindergarten. She couldn’t believe how quickly time was passing, and that she’d no longer have her daughter with her during the day. My mom chucked a bit and poured her a glass of wine. They sat in silence for a bit, both respecting the space the other was in. How similar yet different these two spaces were.

I was so touched by this story. It reminds me that change is inevitable, and that we are all going through it in our own way. Photography has the power to freeze this change— these fleeting moments. I love that about my job.

Thank YOU (and Happy New Year!)


To my wonderful clients, friends, and followers: Thank you for all your support this year! This little business of mine is a culmination of many things. At its roots, Catie Bergman Photography is about capturing hope, strength, and connection.

When I look back on the past year, I see all of those things. In my newborn hospital sessions, I see an indestructible bond between a mother and her new baby. I see this mothers sudden selflessness, as she is no longer the most important thing in her world. During my family sessions, I see the intense and loving way father looks at his child — I immediately envision the positive world he hopes to create for him. When photographing a mountain-top sunrise, I see big dreams and possibilities. I feel time moving more quickly, and In this state of hope and passion, I get a sense that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. When photographing a wedding ceremony, I see a partnership made of strength, compassion and admiration. I see a future of humans loving unconditionally, no matter has hard it sometimes seems.

I capture these things because it is exactly what I want the future to see. I want people to look back on these images and gain the same inspiration I had when photographing them. So here’s to 2019; and all the years ahead. I hope this year brings you many moments filled with hope, strength, and connection.

Holiday Gift Guide for Photo Lovers - From a Photographer

Photo by  ian dooley  on  Unsplash

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

“I want to get my significant other something nice this year, do you have any camera recommendations?” I’ve been asked a version of this question many times, so I thought I’d compile some neat gift ideas for your photo loving friends and family. These gifts are great for professionals, hobbyists, and phone photographers alike!

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini

for your hipster friend

Film is not dead! Nor is it hard to use with these amazing little instant cameras. They actually produce great little film momentos, and the camera itself won’t break the bank.

2. Parabo Press Square Prints

for your friend who loves Instagram

These little prints are the perfect way to bring iPhone photos to life! I’ve ordered many and I love how modern and classy they look. Even better, the first 25 you order are free!


First 25 FREE, Parabo Press

3. Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

for your technical hobbyist friend

If you’re looking for a really great camera thats under $500, look no further. The Olympus OM-D is a small and fairly simple mirrorless camera that produces great results. It’s compact, affordable, and has a really great lens selection to choose from.

4. ONA Camera Bag - The Bowery

for your friend who is always on-the-go

ONA is a company that originally filled a void in the industry. They produce camera bags that are functional, stylish, and last forever! I bought a leather ONA bag 5 years ago and its only gotten better with age. The Bowery is a great little camera bag that fits at least a body, a lens, and some personal items. Camera gear is expensive! Make sure you have a good bag to transport it safely.

5. Moment Wide Lens for Phone

for you friend who loves using their phone camera

Feeling a bit limited by the fixed lens on your phone? Moment lens’ come in all different sizes and attach to your phone so you can photograph with different focal lengths on-the-go. They’re simple to attach and since the phone crops in for stabilization, they’re especially helpful when you’re shooting video.

6. GoPRo HERO7 White

for your epic friend

We all know that person who spends their weekends mountain biking, snowboarding, and inventing their own Hardcore Parkour routes. What better way to record all this than with a GoPro? These little cameras are waterproof, rugged, and produce high quality footage.



$199, Amazon

7. Graphite Monogrammed FOTOStrap

for your friend who has their own business

My sister got me this for Christmas a few years back, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. This camera strap allows you to personalize with your own logo! Its a fun way to advertise, and I receive comments on it all the time. Even better, the company donates 10% of all proceeds to Fotolanthropy.

8. Humans of New York Book

for your friend who likes to learn about other people

If you’ve not already addicted to Brandon Stantons version of storytelling, I’d take a look at his facebook page. Stanton has an amazing ability to interview strangers off the street and come away with touching and intriguing stories. His first book is one of my favorites, and a great gift that should never leave the coffee table.

9. Understanding Exposure

for your friend who wants to learn how to take great photographs

I’ve learned the most about photography from practicing on my own, but one has to start somewhere. This was the first camera book I bought and I don’t plan on giving it up. Understanding Exposure gives a great foundation for light, aperture, and shutter speed; and demystifies how the three work together.

10. Manfrotto Mini Tripod

for your friend who needs some stability in their life

This mini tripod is perfect for adventuring since it’s sturdy and super compact. I’ve used it to stabilize my camera for video, astrophotography, long exposure shots at the beach, self timer shots, etc. I’m always thankful to have it in my bag.

11. Artifact Uprising Walnut Desktop Photo Calendar

for your over-committed friend

Why not include some of your favorite photos on the calendar you look at everyday? Artifact Uprising produces tangible photo goods that are both classy and time-less, and this calendar is one of my favorites.

12. Framebridge The Logan

for your friend who loves decorating

Anyone else guilty of printing photos and then never getting around to displaying them? I’m totally guilty of starting projects and never finishing, thankfully Framebridge is here to help! They do online custom framing for whatever image you choose- and then ship right to your doorstep.

Glacier National Park & More


See below for the third and final installment of Dan and I’s cross-country camping trip last summer. This post covers Idaho, New Mexico, Colorado, and Montana! We loved each of these states for different reasons, but I think Montana stole our hearts. After spending a couple days exploring Glacier National Park, we found Flathead National Forest, an area that allowed for camping right on secluded and scenic lake. Ollie loved getting his zoomies out here, and we loved getting to relax, swim, and enjoy some killer sunsets. I’m a little sad to finish editing all my photos from this trip. Scroll to the bottom and comment if you have any questions!

Moab, Utah


This was Dan and my second time in Moab and we loved it even more than the first. Granted, our first time we awoke to a thunderstorm causing our tent to blow away…and drove to the nearest hotel. This time around, we camped on some BLM land and had several acres all to ourselves. The view was beautiful!! The weather was hot, but dry, and made for some incredible sunrises. Our dog loved the space and freedom to explore, and Dan slowly got comfortable with Ollie disappearing for a bit…he always came back to us. ;).

Maternity Session / Magnuson Park

Since I photograph about 15 newborn sessions a week, maternity shoots are a really beautiful change of pace. A reminder of what its like before the craziness begins. Moms (and dads!) are often emotional and exhausted, but so excited to meet their little one. And I mean this- I think pregnant woman glow!! There is this beauty they give off that runs deep. Capturing it is one of my favorite things. Add a dog, a sweet husband, and some cool PNW beach clouds in the mix and you’ve got one happy photographer. :)

Downtown Seattle Rooftop Session / Hurn Family

Sometimes I delay editing a session because I don’t want the experience to end. This was one of those for sessions me. Shauna is a fellow photographer and friend of mine and we’d talked about doing a shoot at this location for a while; so getting to photograph her family here was such a treat! I loved spending the evening chasing around her 2 boys and seeing the world as they see it. Their energy was contagious and I couldn’t help but smile all the way home.