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Vashon Newborn Lifestyle Session

This home session was a neat one. Mallory and Matt had just finished building their first home on Vashon Island. (Not sure how they managed to do this at the same time as having a new baby…) Even cooler, Mallory grew up in a house on this same lot. Years after her family moved, the house caught on fire and was abandoned for 16 years. Mallory and her husband, Matt, decided to build their first home on this lot, and moved in not long before our session. You can follow their blog here:

I loved that I got to capture the space at a time like this. I can only imagine the walls will be filled with framed photos, finger paintings, and handwritten notes as their family grows. But for now, just like their new daughter, everything is so fresh- so new! This home has so many sweet memories to come. :)

Seattle Newborn Lifestyle Session

Newborn home sessions are one of my favorite things to photograph. The transition of having a new baby in the house isn't easy- parents are often sleep deprived, covered in spit up, and anxious about getting everything "right." But despite all of this, capturing a new baby in his home is so beautiful. Everything is new. The dog is still getting used to his scent. The parents are learning what keeps him calm and how to swaddle. The baby is learning what this crazy thing called life is. And I love that I get to stand back and capture it.