Family Lifestyle Session | Discovery Park | Seattle, WA


It’s hard to put into words how magical this shoot was and how special this family is to me. Here’s an excerpt from Shauna’s thoughts on our session. I love reading it because it gives you a more personal experience with these images. My lifestyle sessions are not about smiling for the camera, they’re about making memories with the ones you love most…I’ll be somewhere nearby capturing those sweet moments..

“Right before this, there was a hailstorm... I didn’t know if I was gonna get rained on the whole shoot or not but the rain stopped & the sun came out. I was exhausted// it had been a long stressful month and I didn’t feel much like smiling so I was a little less sharp & a lot more hazy than I would like to be. But having this hour on the beach with my family was good timing... the temperature was just right/& the wind blowing / the sun breaking. The boys played around in the driftwood where Owen hid in a log house (and crapped his pants 💩) Dane took him back to the car to get cleaned him up//earning him quite a few husband points/and so I got a break & felt like a queen getting pictures with Evan & then the rest of my guys 😂👸🏼. My attention was on being with them & this beautiful park which has been a favorite for so long. I was too tired to worry about how I looked & too swept up by the fresh air to remember to care. I felt a rising sensation in my chest+mind/weightlessness I had not felt for some time...I guess it was joy/and that is what I will remember from the photos. Thanks, Catie Bergman for capturing my heart ❤️ @ Seattle's Discovery Park “ -Shauna