Holiday Gift Guide for Photo Lovers - From a Photographer

Photo by  ian dooley  on  Unsplash

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

“I want to get my significant other something nice this year, do you have any camera recommendations?” I’ve been asked a version of this question many times, so I thought I’d compile some neat gift ideas for your photo loving friends and family. These gifts are great for professionals, hobbyists, and phone photographers alike!

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini

for your hipster friend

Film is not dead! Nor is it hard to use with these amazing little instant cameras. They actually produce great little film momentos, and the camera itself won’t break the bank.

2. Parabo Press Square Prints

for your friend who loves Instagram

These little prints are the perfect way to bring iPhone photos to life! I’ve ordered many and I love how modern and classy they look. Even better, the first 25 you order are free!


First 25 FREE, Parabo Press

3. Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

for your technical hobbyist friend

If you’re looking for a really great camera thats under $500, look no further. The Olympus OM-D is a small and fairly simple mirrorless camera that produces great results. It’s compact, affordable, and has a really great lens selection to choose from.

4. ONA Camera Bag - The Bowery

for your friend who is always on-the-go

ONA is a company that originally filled a void in the industry. They produce camera bags that are functional, stylish, and last forever! I bought a leather ONA bag 5 years ago and its only gotten better with age. The Bowery is a great little camera bag that fits at least a body, a lens, and some personal items. Camera gear is expensive! Make sure you have a good bag to transport it safely.

5. Moment Wide Lens for Phone

for you friend who loves using their phone camera

Feeling a bit limited by the fixed lens on your phone? Moment lens’ come in all different sizes and attach to your phone so you can photograph with different focal lengths on-the-go. They’re simple to attach and since the phone crops in for stabilization, they’re especially helpful when you’re shooting video.

6. GoPRo HERO7 White

for your epic friend

We all know that person who spends their weekends mountain biking, snowboarding, and inventing their own Hardcore Parkour routes. What better way to record all this than with a GoPro? These little cameras are waterproof, rugged, and produce high quality footage.



$199, Amazon

7. Graphite Monogrammed FOTOStrap

for your friend who has their own business

My sister got me this for Christmas a few years back, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. This camera strap allows you to personalize with your own logo! Its a fun way to advertise, and I receive comments on it all the time. Even better, the company donates 10% of all proceeds to Fotolanthropy.

8. Humans of New York Book

for your friend who likes to learn about other people

If you’ve not already addicted to Brandon Stantons version of storytelling, I’d take a look at his facebook page. Stanton has an amazing ability to interview strangers off the street and come away with touching and intriguing stories. His first book is one of my favorites, and a great gift that should never leave the coffee table.

9. Understanding Exposure

for your friend who wants to learn how to take great photographs

I’ve learned the most about photography from practicing on my own, but one has to start somewhere. This was the first camera book I bought and I don’t plan on giving it up. Understanding Exposure gives a great foundation for light, aperture, and shutter speed; and demystifies how the three work together.

10. Manfrotto Mini Tripod

for your friend who needs some stability in their life

This mini tripod is perfect for adventuring since it’s sturdy and super compact. I’ve used it to stabilize my camera for video, astrophotography, long exposure shots at the beach, self timer shots, etc. I’m always thankful to have it in my bag.

11. Artifact Uprising Walnut Desktop Photo Calendar

for your over-committed friend

Why not include some of your favorite photos on the calendar you look at everyday? Artifact Uprising produces tangible photo goods that are both classy and time-less, and this calendar is one of my favorites.

12. Framebridge The Logan

for your friend who loves decorating

Anyone else guilty of printing photos and then never getting around to displaying them? I’m totally guilty of starting projects and never finishing, thankfully Framebridge is here to help! They do online custom framing for whatever image you choose- and then ship right to your doorstep.