Thank YOU (and Happy New Year!)


To my wonderful clients, friends, and followers: Thank you for all your support this year! This little business of mine is a culmination of many things. At its roots, Catie Bergman Photography is about capturing hope, strength, and connection.

When I look back on the past year, I see all of those things. In my newborn hospital sessions, I see an indestructible bond between a mother and her new baby. I see this mothers sudden selflessness, as she is no longer the most important thing in her world. During my family sessions, I see the intense and loving way father looks at his child — I immediately envision the positive world he hopes to create for him. When photographing a mountain-top sunrise, I see big dreams and possibilities. I feel time moving more quickly, and In this state of hope and passion, I get a sense that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. When photographing a wedding ceremony, I see a partnership made of strength, compassion and admiration. I see a future of humans loving unconditionally, no matter has hard it sometimes seems.

I capture these things because it is exactly what I want the future to see. I want people to look back on these images and gain the same inspiration I had when photographing them. So here’s to 2019; and all the years ahead. I hope this year brings you many moments filled with hope, strength, and connection.