Adventure Engagment

above the mountains


A few months ago, I spontaneously texted Dan with the question “Do you have any interest in a helicopter flight?” and promptly received the response “Uhhhh..perhaps, wait, Catie— whats going on? He’s a tad bit afraid of heights, and never really knows what my occasional vague and sporadic texts mean. But I figured I could work with that response, and within 24 hours we had booked a flight over the North Cascades.


I’m applying for a project that would really help to have some aerial mountain photography, so not only did this sound like a super cool opportunity, but a great way to build my portfolio. We booked the flight with Snow King Aviation for an evening at the end of March, and the whole week leading up, weather looked great. Not a cloud in the forecast. But the PNW often as different plans, and come 5pm on March 28th, a massive storm was forming right over the North Cascades. Our pilot seemed nervous, but had hope that it could clear enough for us to go out a few hours later instead. “Is that okay with you?” he asked. Little did he know that I was freaking out inside. Sunset shoots are my jam. I squealed yes, and for the next hour or so, we watched the storm move, crossing our fingers it would allow us to fly out safely. (Spoiler: it did, and the following hour was one of the coolest of my life.) Our pilot was fantastic, and knew exactly how to navigate through the storm without hitting much turbulence. The combination of colors was like nothing I’d ever seen before, and seeing some of my favorite mountains from above was truly mind blowing. Eight weeks later and my jaw is still sore from smiling.


Moral of the story: combine, a sunset, a storm, and the flight over the North Cascades, and you have one of the most surreal ways of seeing the Pacific Northwest.

adventure engagement session | rattlesnake ledge

Rattlesnake Ledge | Engagement Hike


Where do I even begin with these two? Vanessa and Nick hired my photograph buddy, Amy, and I to shoot their wedding on Vashon Island this summer. When we threw in some options for the engagement shoot, they both grinned at the idea of a hiking destination location (much to our delight!) We chose to do Rattlesnake Ledge on a warm May evening, and planned to arrive at the top with just enough time for sunset. Since the trailhead is only an hour away from Seattle, Rattlesnake Ledge is one of the most popular hiking trails in the Pacific Northwest. It’s typically packed at the top, and even those who aren’t afraid of heights get a little nervous about number of selfie sticks and crowded edges. We had a fantastic time chatting on the hike up, and lucky for us, the peak was nearly empty when we arrived. The biggest challenge was remembering how to tie a bowtie! Vanessa and Nick fell naturally into each others arms from the first moment onward, and we took photos until the sun went down. This pair is truly something else. Their sense of humor and level of comfort and respect towards one another left me feeling so inspired. I can’t wait photograph them again in August!